Shelagh Harvard

Hello! My name is Shelagh Harvard. In 2016 I quit my life and embarked on an adventure, wandering around the US for a year, living out of my car and finding myself after several tumultuous years. Now that I'm back home in Maine, I'm seeking balance and looking for smaller adventures as I integrate back into daily life, living with friends and working in a gluten-free bakery, still with my camera by my side. You can always find me pondering life at or on Instagram @tracingtheedge.

Photo by Nanette Faye Photography

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Norma K. Salway

Author, Artist, Historian

Norma Salway, retired educator, is the author of four books, The Attic & ME, The Spirit of Songo, Touched by a Hummingbird, and I’m Just a Kid, You Know! The author is available for book talks & readings. Norma also has her own sewn, painted, & re-purposed handcrafted items that includes her own line of Potato Print wall hangings. Along with her sister, she offers three different vintage history programs and displays for groups and organizations. These shows, The History of Vintage Aprons, History of Vintage Linens, & History of Vintage Clothing, consists of colorful displays of pieces from the personal collection once belonging to her mother. Norma lives in Portland, Maine with her cat, Gusty, and volunteers at The ReStore for Habitat for Humanity.  /

Photo by Kassi Gatchell Photography

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Marsea Spiegel

Licensed Massage Therapist, Lymphatic Drainage, Lympho-Fascial Release, Attunement, Nutrition and Digestive Health

With a holistic approach and fundamental belief in our ability to affect and improve our health, Marsea seamlessly combines modalities that address  both the physical and energy bodies. With an open heart and ‘listening’ hands, she is guided by the body’s intelligence; a fully supportive presence that opens pathways of healing energy that are unique to each individual. The focus of her work is helping clients shift out of stress mode and into the deeply restorative environment of the parasympathetic nervous (where we rest and digest properly) promoting relaxation, a boost to our immunity, and a profoundly transformative healing experience. Marsea works at the Aon Wellness Center at 4 Fundy Rd in Falmouth, Maine.

Photo by Nanette Faye Photography

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Megan Nowak

Graphic & Web Designer, Photo Assistant

Megan has been working as a freelance designer for almost three years. After studying design and psychology at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor for two years, she was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease and decided to return home to focus on her health. The time she has spent healing has taught her a lot about herself as an artist and (though it sounds cheesy) as a person. Megan works with a variety of small business owners to create expressive visual identities that match their aesthetic and elevate their perceived level of professionalism. She is an artist first and foremost, and uses her knowledge of color theory, typography, and grid layout to design elements that are functional and attractive. 

Megan lives and works in Portland and is always looking for new projects and challenges. She had the pleasure of working with Nanette to redesign her logo and design and build this website. Megan's online portfolio can be found at

Photo by Megan Nowak Photography